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Transcript Requests

How to Request a Transcript

  • If you graduated in 2011 or before, your transcripts and immunizations can be retrieved from the District’s Enrollment Office. Click on the following link: Request Form .
  • If you graduated in 2012 or after, then you must request the transcript through Parchment. Click on the following link: to connect to Parchment and then type in the name of your high school.  This is for your transcript ONLY.
  • If the last school you attended was a middle school or elementary school and you left less than 5 years ago, please call the school for all records, including special education.
  • If the last school you attended was a middle school or elementary school and you left more than 5 years ago, please click on the request below.
  • If you need immunization or any other permanent records, please click on the link below to request them from the District office if you left our district more than 5 years ago. Otherwise, please call the school you last attended.
  • Schools do not keep copies of diplomas; however, you are able to request a duplicate diploma. For more information, call Romeoville High School at (815) 886-1800.

There is no charge for Enrollment Staff to provide your transcript.  If there are any unpaid school fees, those need to be paid. We can provide a sealed copy of your transcript for submission to a school or job prospect after receiving your signed request.  You can receive your transcript in person by coming to the Enrollment Office at the Administration Center, after faxing or emailing your request to us. We can also mail your transcript to you after we receive your written request. 

Permanent Records are kept for 60 years after a student leaves the school district.  These records include basic identifying information, academic transcripts, graduation date,  attendance, health records (defined as those medical documents necessary for enrollment and proof of required exams), high school standardized tests and release of records permanent record information.

After 5 years of leaving the district, temporary records are destroyed after approval from the state has been granted.  Temporary records include: standardized tests for grades K-8, DCFS paperwork, health related information other than those needed for enrollment, accident records, home language survey, special education, records release for temporary records. NOTIFICATION:  Temporary records are destroyed after 5 years of leaving our school district.